Mission Statement

Slave Wrecks Project Purpose and Core Objectives:

  • To use maritime archaeology – enacted with the highest standards and practices –to advance global scholarly and public understanding of the various vectors of the slave trade from Africa (Atlantic, Indian Ocean) that have played a foundational role in shaping global history.
  • To pursue all project work in a manner that cultivates local research and heritage management capacity and that seeks to maximize the long-terms sustainability of that capacity.
  • To promote novel mechanisms for making this heritage and its archaeological investigation and conservation relevant to the many pressing present-day social and economic concerns of local and national actors in the contexts where this heritage is found and to the global African Diaspora.
  • To develop meaningful long-term partnerships and catalyze new research collaborations among northern and southern institutions that are premised on common cause and complementary strengths, while promoting mutually beneficial exchange and learning.
  • To create interpretive platforms in physical locations (e.g. museums), on the web, and through programs to share groundbreaking research with the widest possible audience.