North America

Through our U.S. National Park Service partners, we have been able to utilize the facilities and shipwrecks in Biscayne Bay, Florida for training and development activities for African and African American partners. SWP has partnered with NPS to support Youth Diving With a Purpose (YDWP), which is a maritime archeology advocacy training program designed to teach volunteers essential skills, such as compass readingidentifying artifacts, Trilateration mapping and In-Situ Drawing, that also utilizes the cultural resources of Biscayne National Park. The desired outcome for YDWP is to give students a better insight to the ocean and the history it holds. YDWP has developed out of the curriculum that its founding organization, Diving With a Purpose, has honed over the past eleven years. DWP was designed to provide the adult laydiver with knowledge to become a maritime archeology advocate for conservation and preservation through the pursuit of maritime archaeology. Both DWP and YDWP are week long programs each summer that teaches the basic skills of maritime archaeology. The development of the youth component is a way for DWP to inspire the next generation of youth divers and give them solid maritime leads for their higher education and career goals. Additional collaborations under development, include UDWP “university DWP” that will aim to train aspiring African, African American and Diasporan archaeologists interested in studying the maritime archaeology of the slave trade.

YDWP year 1